What the fuck is wrong with you? - LethalLuck

You stack enough babies up and eventually it will stop a bullet.



"Yeah, I really want to send my kid to school wearing baby armor." - Samanth V.

"It's a new age, bitches!." - Sean T.


Q: Why should I choose Baby Armor™?
A: Baby Armor™ is the most powerful, inexpensive, and only made-of-babies body armor on the market today.

Q: How does Baby Armor™ compare to competing technologies?
A: Baby Armor is the only product in its class, and cannot be reasonably compared to other body armor. Where we differ sharply is in the advanced, powerful and efficient baby tissue and new haptic-compression material Baby Armor™ Technologies has designed into Baby-Armor™.

Q: Isn't Baby Armor™ too heavy for real world use?
A: Like other body armor applications, Baby Armor™ Technologies constantly strives to better itself with new Baby-Breeding technology. Everyday we are developing better and lighter Baby Armor™.

Q: Does Baby Armor™ require constant repair?
A: Baby Armor's Baby-Tiles are cheap and easy to repair and replace.

Q: What other applications is Baby-Armor™ being used for?
A: Currently we are in talks with NASA about using Baby-Armor™ to help protect future space vessels durring re-entry.

Q: Can I be a beta tester of Baby Armor™?
A: No, the product is ready-to-ship. However if you are interested in volunteering for future development contact us by email.

Q: Can I donate money to Baby-Armor.com?
A: Yes, soon there will be the ability to donate via PayPal to Baby-Armor.com